Mattress Company Purple Tackles Memory Foam’s Flaws Head On

There are many mattresses available online today, a majority of which are based around a material known as memory foam. This type of springy foam is available in both open- and closed-cell varieties, both of which have been incorporated into mattresses with success.

Many people find memory foam mattresses to be comfortable in general, largely because the material does such a good job of conforming to the contours of the body without being overly restrictive. Unfortunately, memory foam also regularly comes up short in certain respects, some of which can trouble some people more than others.

Fortunately, there are now some other alternatives that take entirely different approaches to the problem of enabling comfort that lasts throughout the night. If you have become personally aware of the shortcomings of memory foam, it is recommended you read an in-depth review of the mattresses made by Purple.

A Different Way to Construct a Modern Mattress

With so many mattresses based on memory foam now on the market, it might seem as if that material had taken over thanks to its unbeatable suitability for this application. In practice, the proliferation of memory foam mattresses has at least as much to do with the fact that the material is very easy for manufacturers to work with.

That allows mattress makers to produce, package, and ship generally comfortable mattresses at prices that would formerly have been difficult to target. At the same time, memory foam mattress buyers often end up complaining about problems with heat retention, making many such products less of a bargain than they sometimes seem.

Purple employs an entirely different approach to mattress making that many judge to outperform memory foam in a number of crucial respects. Coupling a base of traditional coil springs with an upper layer of proprietary, grid-style polymer padding, it has produced a line of products that excel where memory foam comes up short.

Many Reasons to Consider a Purple Mattress

While Purple’s mattresses are priced a bit higher than many premium-level memory foam products, buyers often consider the extra investment worth it. As an especially well-rounded way to produce a mattress, Purple’s unique approach has received a lot of attention in recent times.