Jewelry & Fashion Go Together and Compliment Each Other

When a person wants to look their best, jewelry & fashion go together and compliment or fight one another. Accessories may be as important as the clothing choice for any outfit. The same dress, top and skirt, or top and slacks can look much different with different accessories. That basic black dress can serve as office wear, a night out, or a somber outfit for a funeral. The difference is in the accessories. Accessories include jackets or sweaters, shoes, scarves, and jewelry.

Pairing Jewelry and Fashion

Every person takes time to collect different pieces of clothing to wear for work, leisure, exercising, and going out to special occasions. Some clothing and fashion items stand on their own, others need accessories such as jackets, scarves, and jewelry to shine.

Some pieces of clothing such as for sleep, gardening, or exercising are not worn with jewelry. Other outfits need jewelry to complete the fashion statement. A person should choose their clothing with care, purchasing good quality, attractive pieces that can be mixed and matched to make the wardrobe look more extensive. There will be dresses, skirts, slacks, T-shirts, turtlenecks, blouses, jackets, sweaters, and leisure clothing. Purchasing a mish-mash of pieces that do not go together is a fashion mistake.

A carefully chosen wardrobe of stylish, versatile pieces goes a long way. A wardrobe that has a few well-liked colors that can be used together is a good choice. Try to avoid trendy pieces that will soon be out of fashion. The basic wardrobe full of classic pieces that will stay in fashion for the long haul is a better choice. A few fun clothing items are acceptable. Classic fashion clothing can be dressed up or down with the correct choices of accessories.

Choosing Jewelry

When a person has an established wardrobe and color pallet, it is easier to choose jewelry to enhance it. Jewelry can add to a person’s stylish look or it can fight with the clothing and spoil the look. Choose jewelry that coordinates with the style choices of the wardrobe. When a person is jewelry shopping at a local store or online, they should consider what outfits they can wear this jewelry with. Go to the website for more jewelry information.