Common Gas Fireplace Issues and How to Fix Them

Taking care of maintenance and repairs is something a homeowner will have to get used to. Failing to provide a home with the care it needs can lead to lots of damage being done. If a home has a gas fireplace, a homeowner will have to spend some time keeping it maintained.

Over time, the gas fireplace in a home may start to show signs of wear. When repair issues with this part of a home surface, a homeowner will need to reach out to professionals for some help. The following are some of the most common gas fireplace issues and how to properly fix them.

Pilot Light and Ignition Problems

In order for a gas fireplace to function properly, the pilot light and ignition apparatus will have to be working efficiently. If a homeowner is unable to get their ignition module to work, the first thing they need to check is the breaker that feeds electricity to the fireplace. In some cases, the breaker will trip, which will cut off the power to the fireplace.

When the pilot light goes out, a homeowner will need to contact professionals to fix it. Trying to fix this problem alone can be extremely dangerous. A professional will be able to troubleshoot this issue and get to the bottom of the problem in no time.

Issues With Strange Odors

If a homeowner starts to notice strange odors coming from their gas fireplace, they need to get some professional help immediately. In most cases, these smells will be caused by gas leaks. The longer a homeowner lets these issues linger, the harder they will find it to avoid serious problems.

Usually, a professional can clean out the flue of the fireplace to remedy these issues. Working with an experienced fireplace repair company is the only way to ensure this work is done correctly.

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