Accommodating Religion-Based Events With The Right Foods

In Singapore, catering services offer exceptional options for Muslim families who are preparing for Ramadan. The religious observation requires the practitioners of the Islamic religion to start a period of fasting to commemorate the Five Pillars of Islam. Prior to the religious observation, events are held in which families consume impeccable foods and celebrate the upcoming event.

Identifying Forbidden Foods

Muslim individuals are forbidden from eating specific foods as a part of their religious doctrine. Professional catering services can accommodate these food restrictions by preparing selections that don’t include pork. Alternative choices prevent businesses or consumers from upsetting their guests by presenting foods that aren’t allowed. The event planner assesses the catering menu for foods that are delicious but won’t present social disruptions.

Choosing the Best Selections for the Event

The event planner reviews the complete menu with the catering service to accommodate all guests attending the event. According to the Islamic religion, practitioners must avoid certain additives in their food. For this reason, the catering service must show the client which foods don’t have high volumes of preservatives. Any meats must also meet specific practices when they are prepared.

Alternatives to Cocktails

According to the Islamic faith, practitioners don’t consume any alcohol. The catering service must provide beverages that are nonalcoholic for the Muslim-based events. The catering service provides a full list of beverages available to clients that accommodate the religious restrictions. The client can choose from juices, soft drinks, and tea in most cases.

Setting Up the Room Design

When accommodating guests of the Islamic faith, event planners must set up the event to provide comfort and limit common issues. The space must be cleared of certain religious statutes and decorations. The event design must respect the restrictions of the Islamic faith entirely.

In Singapore, halal-style dining provides everything event planners need to accommodate Muslim guests. The dining style eliminates any foods that include pork, alcohol, and certain additives that are considered unsafe for consumption according to the Quran. When planning an event, the planner must evaluate all menu selections with the caterer and select appropriate options only. Consumers or businesses that need halal catering services by Stamford Catering are encouraged to contact a caterer now.